For the project called building robots, the MP is essential.
Not only all people should benefit through robotics,
of course donors and the subsequent shareholders of the
company RMF, should be reasonably rewarded for their trust.

You know from experience, crowdfunding was one of the many big screw-ups.
No one who had a good idea got money from them and no one who donated could
do anything good with it. The servers are down and the people in the background
are long gone, with millions of stolen funds, from countless countries.
Now they are citizens by one of them many banana republics of this world,
sip in their cocktails. Without ever being called to account by the rule of law.
Unfortunately, it is not only about the money, but also about the many stolen ideas,
which are abused by dictatorship loyal people with fake school degrees,
for their own enrichment, which is mainly the reason that this people will
never see a prison cell from the inside.

Also, it is nothing new that 95%, of the stock exchange companies are fraudulent
pusher columns. They are only out to get their hands on your hard-earned money
and cause you great financial damage with fantastic promises. Everyone knows
Goldman Sax, the Lehman Brothers and co. Which had pompous offices,
all investors were blinded by it and basically only the managers and those who were
already rich, made a profit. All the other small investors, have not refunded their
losses by the respective government. They were not systemically relevant, they have
lost their savings. So that the rich people remain rich, and the others are forced
to work for the rich.

Now many smart ass people come and say, I am a beast of intelligence, I already know
everything that Roland writes, I can build a robot just as well, why should I
support him? Why should he become rich through me? I can theoretically do it by myself?
I also do not need a robot! Yes you beast of intelligence! Here you also have some
enlightenment from me, your children love to wipe your ass when you are old, you will
not be raped in the old people's home and forgotten by mankind, because you are
completely different from all the others? You smart ass probably can't even paint
your own room and need workers for absolutely every shit, who are maybe even more
stupid and lazy than you are. Surely you are the person spending your money,
that you have gotten as a present, for Shit-Coins! You also upgrade your PC for
thousands of bugs and think now I produce Shit-Coins by my own, yes that the
electricity you waste costs 5 times as much as the Shit-Coin`s value you produce
by yourself, you brain crutch, you are not aware of. That no man clearly in its mind
buys something, just because it is advertised with words like super safe algorithm,
by seemingly successful stars, is also not clear to you. The already existing and
established Pay safe and PayPal method, is something you don't know, too.
But the word Algorithm is allegedly understood by the smart ass. From the money that
you have burned you could have been drunk for years, in that way, for sure you would
have had more fun.

Well smart ass, Roland understands formula mathematics, Roland has written this page
with HTML, he doesn't need a Face-Book construction kit, he has also learned to deal
with programming languages, he was writing games only because he enjoyed it and not
because he feels called to do so and wants to make money out of it. Roland understands
the difference between AC and DC, he also knows what a bit and a byte is, he already
has a vague idea of how a microprocessor works, you can't fool Roland with algorithm,
he has normal man problems. Roland can handle C++, he can handle Java, for the Game Boy
and for Android Smartphones, he can write whole programs and even use B languages like
Assembler. So the languages that have nothing to do with the mathematics you were shown
in school. Even worse, Roland can not only work, Roland was forced to do every job that
nobody wants to do. Care, building site, warehouse and courier, Roland has already done
all these hard jobs. So probably now you know better and stop thinking like a smart ass
is doing.

Of course, I can only do the lion's share of the work and must first gather supporters
and money for materials, machinery, staff, space and the most important of all, safety.
I do have a very clear idea of what it takes to bake the cake called robot. I have
nothing to gain from building a working prototype, being permanently followed and
someone else copies my work and puts a Steven Hawking as the author, in the end these
machines will be built after more than 50 years of unsuccessful enterprises, but it is
foreseeable that we will all become poorer and only a few rich people will profit from it.
Also, I have a plan, and you must not necessarily understand everything why
I do something the way I do it. So that a lot of people understand,
I would have to write 100000 lines of text and still most would not check,
what it's all about.

The MP and the company are something very special, history is being written here,
a company like Microsoft is being created from the ground, with a product that is worth
investing in. Here is no fantasy story in the foreground, yes my parents coincidentally
we're millionaires, I just coincidentally visit an elite university, I also coincidentally
had the garbage standing around in the garage, soldered everything together with my
superhuman skills and Zapzarap is the personal computer ready being to get sold, here you
also have a network card, because the word personal,
just coincidentally have a double meaning.

The proof that the MP and the RMF company are something special is provided by me,
I am a real person and I do not hide behind a facade of lies. There is no Dr. or Prof.
in front of my name, I am not a part of the establishment, my school degree was not given
to me, and it is the complete opposite of what is called embellished. My company is not
registered in New York and my residence is not 4000 miles away from it. I am not trying
to tell anyone that I want to protect my privacy by hiding my address, and I do not live
in a villa in such a part of the city that is protected by security companies. No,
my name is Roland, you know my full name, I was born in 1985 in Siebenb├╝rgen(SiwenBerjen),
today's being called Transylvania, by now I live 34 years in Bremen as a full-fledged
citizen of Bremen. My goal is to build the first of many planned robotic laboratories
for the benefit of this city and its citizens, for the benefit of the whole Europe.
So that in the future, things will no longer go backwards with lendingwork aka slavery,
it shall go forward into a reasonable future. It doesn't take a lawyer or private detective
to check the correctness of these statements. Me to have dreams and needs,
I also want to be rich, but not by lying and cheating, rather by working honestly and
reasonably. I had this wish to wear a white scientist coat since I was a little child
at his first days in school, and I will no longer let a fraudulent system stop me from
realizing my dreams.

With the links on this page you can make your self a picture about the political party MP,
there you will find information about the further goals, things about the "global" price
explosion, you read correctly, the dictatorship rips us all off, so that individual people
of the respective countries stay rich and get even richer. Problems in the school system,
slavery, fraud and much more. Starting with heading number 4, there are 18 more explanations
and examples on global problems, as well as ways and means to solve these problems.
So you can compare my side of the view with the experiences you had in your lifetime.
To decide if you are MP too?

Because here you decide for yourself how your investment looks like, do you want to become
an active member of the MP and care for a better world? Or are you only interested in the
RMF project and want to help it succeed? To have a stable, reasonable and profitable
investment. Or even better, you are interested in a job where you can use your talents and
skills and prove that work can be a fulfillment and not just drudgery and agony.
I need a lot of materials for my lab, machines and people who can handle them efficiently
and quickly, from the forge and the moulding, to the CS-mill over to 3D-printers, everything
has its value, because only a few of my ingredients are ready to buy and even people who easily
can take calls, are true angels for a company that is still in its baby shoes. You don't all
have to be programmers, technical draughtsmen and so on. You just have to pull together
so that we can become filthy rich and go down in the books of history as something really true.

Furthermore, you can reach me by phone at the German mobile
number 01623367183, on Mondays and Tuesdays between 3 and 8 pm.
It is already possible to make a donation online through the
trustworthy company PayPal, via the address
A lot of things are still under construction, just like this website.
Help me to advertise, talk to each other, discuss RMF and the MP
to speed up the work, which is still ahead of me.

Yours sincerely, Roland Markus Feck

Mai.2023 Bremen,Germany

Mobilenumber: 01623367183
From Monday and Tuesday
15 o`clock till 20 o`clock German time
E-Mail: Under Construction