MP means "My Party", no, the MP is "Your Party",
the MP is "Our Party". The MP invites you personally,
because the other partys, for them, you and me are not relevant!

What is the reason the party is inviting and on the search
for supporters? What are this party is aiming for?

The main goals of this party, I try to explain into
3 headlines and 3 short texts, more information about the
reasons, you can find in the links below about the
company RMF and the party MP.
There you will find information about my person
and additionally 18 goals of the party MP,
worthy to know.

1 The foundation of a company

Mr. Roland Markus Feck is unbelievable, good at mathematics,
in a country where true performance is worthy nothing and only
the membership, to a party is from importance, there they treat
mathematics like animals and support people are good for nothing.

Now it is enough, Roland will no longer be the piece of shit and
Mongus Idiet, a useless prick from the office of a lendingwork company,
gets the money for acting and behave like a pig. Roland will open
up a company, which is in need of security and support. What
it is about, is not less, it is much. So please read carefully
from the beginning until the end, to understand, who am I and
what I plan in detail.

What means security? For this I have an example. You develop
something extraordinary like the engine is empowering your car,
the spy, the rat, the beneficiary, the parasite, the secret police,
those people pursue us all, steal it! Using their corrupted friends
into police and justice, for putting their own name in front of it and
you will earn nothing! You know the game, tell me the correct name
of the person made your car engine? You cant do it! In France it is
a Frenchman, in England a English, in Germany a German and in Russia a
Russian. Same thing for the aeroplane, and the same thing for microprocessing.
The true person behind of it, is completely unknown and havent earned
not even a single coin.

2 The building of robots

Japan has shown it, the most important thing we need in the nearby
future, is robotics. Roland will build this machines for you, made in
Germany, made in Europe, made into global partnership, for the entire world.
Because too much work makes us ill, to less payment makes us even sicker.
Working 8 hours a day, doing the same thing over and over again,
will lead you to insanity. If it is done in a semi-automated production of
a fabric, where there are you, not more than a missed screw, in a machinery,
which is not working by its own? Because "assholes" in leading position,
members of a party, like it, youre doing it. Or you be a worker on the
countryside, working in the brain fucked project "our little farm".
With a low salary, there are you standing, 10 hours a day as a shepherd,
next to you, the animals which are producing terrible sound effects, permanently.
They are eating your brain, destroying your soul and at least destroying
the health of your body. The brain takes damage and the body follows the example.
And in the end we all pay the prize, when the supermarket prizes,
is exploding.

3 get rid of pursuers

The destruction of all superfluous sickening work, because hard and bad
papd work, doesnt make us free, like it was foretold in Hitler Germany,
hard work and bad payment is called the opposite of being free and
lendingwork, is modern forced labour, modern slavery. This unhuman treatment
is only possible, because we all get pursued, it starts at school with copying
from those being able, followed by economic espionage, threat and blackmailing,
which is leading to the point. We have to work like animals for the
favorite children, of those people are ruling. And they get the money for
your work, not you. When you are able to do more? You do even have to shit,
golden eggs for those tyrants. In front of me, they have shown up many times.
In my lifetime, as terrorists, as saboteurs, as envy people and at least
persons, being able to do them most idiotic and worst crimes. With the
madness of the corona crisis they have proven. What they are being able to.
That they are crazy and want to decide for you, as long as they live,
they incapacitate you and follow you every step youre doing. When I was
young, political profiteers in equal age, two times, aimed a pistol on me,
to steal things I had worked for. The third time i was threatened with a
weapon, was in time of corona. The military was taken orders by criminal
political quoted police officers? Armed with modern submachine guns, to harass
passing citizens, so this is the background, you shall think about the military
police, by looking at the logo, representing the state of right,
representing the goals of the MP.


RMF Science,Development,Construction

MP Political Security

Mai.2023 Bremen,Germany

Mobilenumber: 01623367183
From Monday and Tuesday
15 o`clock till 20 o`clock German time
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